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Arena and Piazza Bra

Dating from the 1st century AD, the Arena of Verona represents one of the most exceptional examples in the world of Roman architecture. Thanks to the meticulous conservative restorations it has been subject to since the 16th century, this beautiful roman amphitheater has been preserved in (almost) its complete original form until today.

Hosting since 1913, the date of the first representation, the renowned Opera Festival, and although the external appearance has changed considerably over time, the Arena still maintains its status and functions of symbol and privileged meeting point in the city.

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Let’s think of Piazza Bra as the largest stage in town, on which the dearest star is called every day to perform: that would be the Arena.

Created centuries later than the amphitheater that sits in its middle, Piazza Bra is the largest square in Verona. Dating back to the late 16th century, became the most privileged meeting point in town only after the second half of the 18th century, with the construction of the "Liston" (literally: the great promenade).

Aside from the Arena, though, Piazza Bra features others magnificent buildings and beautiful palaces: the western side buildings date 15th to 17th century (see in particular the Philharmonic Academy of Verona, the oldest European musical academy) while Palazzo della Gran Guardia, the Gran Guardia Nuova (south and east side of the square, respectively) and Palazzo Barbieri, currently seating the Municipality, are the most recent ones.

Over the centuries, Piazza Bra was used as a parade ground, market square, a meeting place for the noble families of the city. These days the square hosts the traditional markets at Christmas time, as well as parades (as the Carnival, the parade of carriages during the famous fair “Fieracavalli”), races (Giulietta & Romeo Marathon, Verona Marathon) and bike/car competitions (Giro d'Italia, Rally Due Valli, the Historic, Mille Miglia) throughout the whole year.

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