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Everything you need to make your stay in Verona unforgettable is already at your disposal, but if you are ready to expand your horizons, then go explore the surroundings: it will welcome you with open arms and plenty of beautiful views to enjoy and entertaining things to do.

The Garda Lake District, in particular, with its suggestive corners and the theme parks suitable to entertain the whole family, but also the charming villages and towns, such as Lazise, Malcesine, Torri del Benaco, Valeggio sul Mincio, are a “must-see” for visitors looking for unique emotions and captivating atmospheres.

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The Garda Lake district
The Garda is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, the largest in area, and is reachable from Verona by car in about half an hour. With its extraordinary seaside-like microclimate, nestled between the moraine hills of Northern Italy, the district is a jewel of rare beauty to which you’ll need to tribute the right amount of time and attention. To revel in the relaxed atmosphere and the unique beauty of these landscapes is a privilege granted to a few lucky guests. To be among them, you can enjoy day trips to discover the little, cozy towns that overlook the shores of the lake: Malcesine, Lazise, Peschiera del Garda, are some of the destinations appreciated by most of the tourists and visitors of all nationalities.
Amusement parks:
A short ride from Verona, near Peschiera del Garda and the Lake, is located one of the biggest theme park in Europe: Gardaland, also known as “the Disneyland of Northern Italy”. Adults and children of age will enjoy a ride on its rollercoasters (some of them are the scariest and highest in Italy), while all the family members can easily enjoy a day or two at the grounds that also host the SEA LIFE Aquarium, Gardaland Waterpark and Legoland Waterpark. Don’t miss the opportunity to wander around!
Charming locations:
Another great destination for a trip outside the city is Malcesine, the northernmost municipality on the Veronese coast of Lake Garda. Located between the shores of the lake and the slopes of the nearby Monte Baldo, this homely little town will please the taste of both sea and mountain life lovers. Here, the Scaliger Castle and Palazzo dei Capitani, two of the most beautifully preserved medieval buildings, are worth a thorough visit. In the winter season, be sure to indulge in a nice lunch with polenta carbonara. In summer, enjoy the sailing competitions that take place at the lake or, if you dare, take your chance with give cliff diving and paragliding
Charming locations:
Valeggio sul Mincio
Medieval village located just half an hour’s drive from Verona, Valeggio sul Mincio is a real treat. Once there, we recommend a visit to the Scaliger Castle (XIII century), the Visconteo Bridge and the remains of the Scaliger bell tower (XV century), as well as to Villa Portalupi, Villa Gandini Zamboni, Palazzo Guarienti and Villa Sigurtà. The last one features a beautiful garden park: open from March to November, is the ideal destination for gardening and botany enthusiasts, since the annual appointment with the flowering of tulips draws visitors from all over the world. Not to be missed: a walk in the hamlet of Borghetto, often mentioned – unsurprisingly - among “The most beautiful ancient villages in Italy”.
Charming locations:
A little gem that crowns the Garda Lake shores, Lazise is one of the most appreciated destinations in the neighborhood. The charming views of the town will cast a spell so that you won’t be able to forget the enchanting atmosphere breathed in while strolling along the lakefront and the main street, down to the marina and up back to the magnificent villas and the Scaliger Castle. While in Lazise you can also treat yourself to a day at the thermal baths or, should you be so inclined, reach the amusement parks of Gardaland, Canevaworld, SEA LIFE Aquarium and Lego Waterpark.
Charming locations:
Torri del Benaco
A few kilometers from Verona, the village of Torri del Benaco stands on the north eastern shore of Lake Garda. If you love a touch of medieval taste, the most fascinating buildings to see here are the Castle and the clock tower, both buildings dating back to the 14th century. Other fascinating sites you will want to visit in the area are the rock carvings, the oldest of which date back to the Bronze Age, and Grotta Tanella, where the speleological excursions will conduct you to explore the most captivating “collection” of stalactites and stalagmites.
for wine lovers (but not only):
When our guests want to get away from Verona and discover the surrounding area, what we usually suggest is an itinerary in Valpolicella: an incredibly beautiful, hilly area that extends for 240 km2 north-west of the city. Covering the territory of seven municipalities, Valpolicella is bordered to the north by the Lessini Mountains and to the south by the Adige river.   But why is Valpolicella so famous? Because it is one of Italy’s areas with the strongest winemaking tradition, whose wines are appreciated not only in Europe but all over the world. Last but not least, do not miss the charming village San Giorgio di Valpolicella.
for nature and sports lovers:
Monte Baldo
The Monte Baldo is a massif located along the northeastern shore of Lake Garda, stretching between the Veronese and Trentino shores and boasting a maximum altitude of 2,218 meters. It's the ideal place to practice sports, especially during the summer. There are numerous hiking and trekking trails of various difficulties and lengths. Monte Baldo is also a true paradise for mountain biking enthusiasts, with asphalt tracks, dirt trails, and downhill routes. And let's not forget the most adrenaline-pumping experience of all: paragliding! The area is also characterized by extraordinary biodiversity, making it a sought-after destination for scholars and naturalists for centuries. Notably, since the sixteenth century, the Monte Baldo Park has been known throughout Europe as the "Hortus Italiae," the Garden of Italy.

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