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Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Verona

Magical in winter, lively in summer, vibrant at spring time, light-hearted in the fall season: Verona is the city of love. A place visitors will enjoy immensely if and when they are ready to face it in the most genuine and friendly way: step by step.

Take a stroll through its streets and breathe in the atmosphere. The squares with their fountains and skillfully carved statues, the palaces with their beautifully painted facades and turrets that rise above the roofs, will be a fascinating sight.

Walk along the passages that coast the banks of the Adige river, follow its course to the magnificent bridges that cross it. Dive into the heart of the city and emerge enriched in the spirit, but above all: take the time to discover Verona little by little.

Let this beautiful city cast its spell on you!

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In the city

A people-friendly city

Nestled between the loops of the river Adige, wrapped in its sweet embrace, Verona is the perfect choice for ecotourism enthusiasts and for those willing to experience it in its most human and intimate dimension.

Our hotel is located a few steps from the heart of the city, the ideal starting (and returning) point for your journey: discover with us the amazing wonders that await you just around the corner!

Hotel Indigo Verona

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