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Castel San Pietro

Castel San Pietro is a fortified construction built on the homonymous hill, overlooking the city of Verona.

Due to its privileged position, from the Roman era to the Middle Ages, from the Visconti domination to the settlement of the Serenissima, from the attacks in the Napoleonic era up to the conversion into barracks to house the Austrian troops, ordered by Field Marshal Radetzky in the second half of the XIX century, it has often been objected to skirmishes for the control of the area.

Now a public park, the area is a popular destination for tourists and citizens, who climb the hill to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

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The main building has been recently purchased by investors that, once the renovation works are completed, will open it to the public as museum and/or exhibition venue.

How to reach

Castel San Pietro: you can take the staircase that climbs up towards the hill or the funicular, built in the early twentieth century and put back into operation in 2017.

Access is granted to the public every day from 11.00 AM to 9.00 PM, just in time to enjoy the sunset with a breathtaking view.

In the past
Castel San Pietro has been built over the remains of previous Roman settlements: the arx, a sacred and fortified place that overlooked the river-side access to Verona, and a temple connected to the Roman forum dating back to the 1st century BC. The oldest traces of pre-Roman settlements found in this area date back to the Iron Age.  

Hotel Indigo Verona - Grand Hotel Des Arts

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