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Lake Garda: the most romantic spots you can’t miss

Lake Garda: the most romantic spots you can’t miss

July 2021

One of the reasons why we love Lake Garda so much, it’s because it’s an extremely romantic location. In today’s article, we will walk you through the most iconic spots, including panoramic points, villages and golden sunsets.

From Hotel Indigo Verona, it will take you only half an hour by car to reach the Venetian shore of the lake, which makes Lake Garda an ideal destination also for a day trip.

Punta San Vigilio (Garda)

If we were to pick the most romantic spot on Lake Garda, it would probably be Punta San Vigilio. The small peninsula is located not far from Garda: here you will find Villa Guarienti, a small church, an inn and a charming harbor – the main subject of many famous photos.

From here the sunset is unique, even though very popular, especially on weekends. If you wish to spend a few hours here during the day, you can also access (for a fee) to the Baia delle Sirene Park.

punta san vigilio garda

Grotte di Catullo (Sirmione)

The Grotte di Catullo, in Sirmione, is an archaeological area that preserves the remains of a Roman villa built between the end of the first century BC. and the 1st century AD.

The denomination of grotte (caves) is therefore misleading and is due to the testimonies of the first travellers who, in the fifteenth century, mistook the ruins of the villa for natural caves, as they were covered with vegetation.

The Sirmione peninsula is also a well-known starting point for both group and private boat trips.


The medieval village of Malcesine is located on the slopes of Mount Baldo and is one of the most beautiful villages of Lake Garda. Don’t miss the Scaligero Castle, which you can reach walking through the cobbled alleys of the centre. From here too the view and the glimpses of the lake are wonderful.



Lazise is an ideal stop for an aperitivo and a lakeside dinner. It is no coincidence that its Porto Vecchio (the old port), is one of the most famous postcards of Lake Garda.

No matter if you go to the closeby Bardolino, to Salò on the Lombardy side or maybe to Riva del Garda, on the short Trentino coastline, the experience will be just as pleasant. As you may have guessed, Lake Garda is dotted with villages and towns worth a visit!


Rocca di Manerba

The Lombard shore of the lake awaits you with equally fascinating places. Among the most panoramic ones, there certainly is the Rocca di Manerba (Manerba Fortress), which – on clear days – offers an excellent view of the lake, at 360 degrees.

There are several paths that will bring you there, but if you are looking for comfort, then choose the parking lot right below, which is only a few minutes’ walk (uphill) from the Rocca.

Limone sul Garda

This is probably the most scenic village on Lake Garda thanks to its location just up against a mountain, overlooking the water. Take a stroll through the alleys of the centre, along the Marconi lakefront, passing through the Old Port and up to the Limonaia del Castel (Castel lemon groves), dating back to 1700.

It is a fairly quick and very interesting visit, which allows you to learn more about the cultivation of citrus fruits in the Lake Garda area. The view, among other things, is beautiful from here too!

limone sul garda

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