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The most beautiful Gardens in Verona: historic Parks and green Oases

January 2024

A relaxing stroll is just what you need to take a breather from your cultural itinerary in Verona. Here are some ideas to discover the most beautiful gardens and parks in the city.

Giardino Giusti, for the old-time charm

The Giusti Garden is one of the oldest in Italy and the only sixteenth-century Italian garden in Verona. Terraces, statues, caves and fountains, but also Roman finds and colorful flowers give this place a unique charm. Not to mention its hedge maze, one of the oldest in Europe.

Another remarkable feature is its panoramic viewpoint that offers a beautiful view over the city. The Giusti Garden is the ideal place for a walk in nature with a cultural twist, just a few minutes from the city center.

Parco delle Colombare, to revive traditions

The Colombare Park is a large public space located on the hills around Verona. Its previous name was “Costa Calda” (lit. warm shore) due its exposure to the sun which makes the hillsides perfect for viticulture and agriculture.

The park not only offers pleasant walks surrounded by centuries-old trees and panoramic views of the city, but will also soon host a space dedicated to a permanent Tocatì. What’s a Tocatì? It is the Italian event of traditional games that takes place every year in Verona in mid-September and it is recognized by UNESCO as a good practice to safeguard intangible cultural heritage.

The Colombare Park will therefore be the ideal space to revive this tradition all year long.

Garden of Castelvecchio, designed by Carlo Scarpa

Located inside the castle built by the della Scala family in the mid-1300s, Castelvecchio is the most important museum in Verona. It displays collections of Medieval and Renaissance sculpture, a rich art gallery, jewelry, weapons and armor.

The garden is an integral part of the visit and constitutes the fulcrum from which the main routes unfold: the accesses to the museum, the library, the offices, the Boggian room and the Castelvecchio bridge. The genius of Carlo Scarpa, who restored and decorated the museum in a modern way during the twentieth century, was also essential for the design of the garden, which was completed only a few days before the inauguration.

You will notice, for example, that at the sides of the entrance path are two pools of water which, at certain times of the day, reflect the castle. A play of reflections typical of Japanese gardens. The idea of the two pools was Scarpa’s own, who, during the works, observed two puddles that had formed on nylon sheets.

Sigurtà Garden Park, the perfect weekend trip

Less than an hour from Verona, the Sigurtà Garden Park is the ideal destination for a weekend escape. Located in Valeggio sul Mincio, it can be easily reached from Verona also by public transport: arrive by train in Peschiera del Garda, then continue with the APAM bus line 46 or with the ATV line 479 (active only in the summer).

The garden develops around Villa Sigurtà, seat of the Habsburg empire in north-eastern Italy over the 17th century and a virtuous example of the Palladian style. The park is simply wonderful and is the ideal green oasis to spend a few hours in nature: an earthly paradise of 60 hectares that will win you over with its colors and blooms.

The garden of our hotel, for fine cocktails

Furnished with lovely tables, deckchairs and parasols, our inner garden offers a unique opportunity to unwind: a peaceful corner, sheltered from the chaos and frenzy of the city, where you can spend quiet and relaxing afternoons in the sun.

Our garden is a real landmark of our hotel, together with the Arya Bar & Mixology, which will complement your relaxing moments with fine cocktails.

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Hotel Indigo Verona - Grand Hotel Des Arts

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