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We stand for Lovers: the Origins of our Concept

We stand for Lovers: the Origins of our Concept

April 2021

We stand for lovers: our motto, our belief. We love beauty in all its forms. At the Hotel Indigo Verona – Grand Hotel des Arts we are all about celebrating our love for beauty and sharing it with our guests, offering them not only a memorable stay but also a unique life experience.

Our curious eye, our interest in unconventional itineraries, and in exploring the city like a local aim to encourage our guests to do the same.

We do our best to make you feel constantly surrounded by beauty. In our eyes, it translates into a sophisticated design and a balanced mix of past and present that bring to life a particular dimension where history embraces contemporaneity.

Like a fil rouge, the narrative we created around love can also be found in the style and the interiors of our hotel. Love for our city, for its history, and for its art, for being the setting of some of the most romantic stories ever.

In love with Verona

Located in the district of Cittadella Porta Nuova, the Hotel Indigo Verona – Grand Hotel des Arts boasts an excellent position. Within walking distance from the Arena and the main points of interest, the hotel locates itself in a lively area where every corner is special. A true open-air museum, a crossroads, where the medieval, Renaissance, and contemporary past of the city meet.

In other words: the ideal starting point of your Verona tour, which includes the most famous attractions as well as the most curious and unconventional itineraries, that we suggest to our guests on a monthly basis.

balcone giulietta verona

In love with Art

Our very same building belongs to Verona’s history. You will appreciate its Art Nouveau style, typical of the 1920s. The renovations have preserved the original architecture but, at the same time, the interiors have been enhanced by a collection of artworks.

With its art collection of great twentieth-century masters, we like to define the Hotel Indigo Verona – Grand Hotel des Arts as a small museum. The masterpieces will welcome you at the entrance, making your stay special from the very beginning.

In love with hospitality

We have 62 rooms, divided into Standard, Premium, and Suite. Each room has a functional and versatile style, with a touch of extravagance that makes us stand out of the crowd and of which we’re very proud. You will fall in love with the details: from the bed headboards, each one different, to the decorative motifs and the landscape frescoes by Veronese.

We are proud of every corner of our hotel but, if we had to pick one, it would probably be the Arya Bar & Mixology. A unique, almost hypnotic style, which captures its visitors’ attention right from the entrance. Nothing is left to chance: the decorative motif of the carpet is inspired by the Garden of the Capulets, mentioned in Romeo and Juliet, while the bar counter is decorated with upcycled frames of ancient paintings.

It is the ideal place to spend the evening while sipping an excellent local wine. While, in milder nights, there’s nothing better than unwinding in our garden.

arya bar mixology


These are our core traits, our visit card to present the Hotel Indigo Verona – Grand Hotel des Arts to the world.

In the end, no matter which shape love takes, We stand for lovers.

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Hotel Indigo Verona - Grand Hotel Des Arts

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