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The 10 most instagrammable places in Verona

The 10 most instagrammable places in Verona

April 2021

In today’s article we will walk you through a unique itinerary dedicated to Verona’s 10 most photogenic – aka instagrammable – places.

Juliet’s balcony

As mentioned in our article Shakespeare’s Verona: the itinerary on the trail of Romeo and Juliet, the well-known Juliet’s balcony is always part of any decent Verona itinerary. It is not only acknowledged for its undeniable historical and literary value, but also for being one of Verona’s best spots to take pictures.

Our photo tip: go into the museum next to Juliet’s House which gives access to the balcony and take your picture there. Perhaps your photo won’t stand out for its originality, but it will still remain pretty iconic.

balcone giulietta verona

The Arena

Icon to Verona, we could not but include the Arena in our photographic itinerary. Be creative and take some photos both inside and outside the Arena, in Piazza Brà. Look for the best angle according to the time of the day.

Our photo tip: at the beginning of via Mazzini you will see a heart-shaped sculpture, more precisely a bench. This is an art installation donated to the city by two Friulan artists and designers. It is called “Forever Love” and it bears the initials of Romeo and Juliet. Unleash your creativity by including both the Arena and the sculpture into the frame.

arena di verona

The Walls of Castelvecchio

Dated back to 1300, Castelvecchio is a huge medieval fortress overlooking the river Adige. It consists of seven corner towers and it boasts the typical grandeur of military buildings.

Our photo tip: for catchy photos we recommend the parapet walk, that is the most fascinating part of the walls.

The Scaliger Bridge

The Scaliger Bridge (or Castelvecchio Bridge) is not only one of the most romantic places in the city – especially in the evenings – but it is also one of the most important examples of military architecture. Its warm color, given by the red bricks, gets more intense at sunset, making the atmosphere truly special.

Our photo tip: use the numerous battlements as an ideal frame for your photos.

ponte scaligero verona

The Love Well

Verona is not all about Romeo and Juliet. Indeed, to introduce to you this hidden place in the center of the city, you first need to know the story of Corrado and Isabella. It is said that in the first half of the 16th century Corrado, a young soldier, fell in love with Isabella, of the Donati family. Isabella firmly refused Corrado’s interest, declining his courtship. One day the two met near a well and the young man, at Isabella’s umpteenth refusal, accused her of being ice-cold, or at least as cold as the water of that well. At that point Isabella challenged Corrado to throw himself inside the well. Corrado did not hesitate and jumped in to give proof of his love. Isabella, who was actually madly in love with him, devastated by grief, also threw herself into the well. A less famous story than the Shakespearean one, but just as tragic.

To reach the Pozzo dell’Amore (lit.: the Love Well), take Corso Porta Borsari. At number 15 turn left into Vicolo San Marco in Foro. After a few meters take the narrow alley of Pozzo San Marco and there you will see the well.

Our photo tip: the well is the perfect location to take a nice photo of yourself or as a couple. For a professional self-portrait, a portable tripod is essential.

Piazza Erbe and the Lamberti’s Tower

Piazza Erbe is the beating heart of the city. This square is indeed the perfect location to take great souvenir photos. Pay attention, for instance, to the fountain in the center of the square (Fontana Madonna Verona), but also to the historic buildings that delimit its perimeter, both from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Our photo tip: go up the Torre dei Lamberti to admire Piazza Erbe from one of the most charming viewpoints in Verona.

piazza erbe verona


Sottoriva is definitely one of the most iconic and instagrammable streets in Verona: a romantic portico where the arcades and the many restaurant tables follow one another. The perfect location to challenge your creativity and capture even the smallest details, or to play with unconventional perspectives.

Our photo tip: if your goal is to take a nice photo, avoid meal times and aperitifs, so as to find less visitors.

Castel San Pietro

The view over Verona from the hill of Castel San Pietro is one of the most photographed, romantic and instagrammable. With its hundred meters height, the hill offers the privilege of a panoramic view over the whole city of Verona. You can reach the hill on foot or by funicular.

Our photo tip: the sunset is the most recommended time of the day to take a photo from Castel San Pietro.

Ponte Pietra

The Ponte Pietra (lit. Stone Bridge) has a very long and troubled history, as it is the only bridge left in Verona that dates back to the Roman era. During the Second World War it was destroyed by the Nazis and later rebuilt by recovering its stones from the Adige.

Our photo tip: we suggest you cross the bridge (leave the city center behind you) and go down the steps that will lead you to the Adige bank. From here you can take excellent photos, as it’s usually pretty quiet.

ponte pietra verona

Our Hotel

Vibrant and refined furnishings make our hotel extremely photogenic. Our rooms, the Arya Bar and the elegant internal garden are ideal locations for your photos.

Our photo tip: tag us on your Instagram posts and we will share your best photos on our profile!

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