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We Stand For Lovers

Discover the best-kept secrets in town with our blog! Every month new cues about Verona's hidden gems.

Located just a stone thrown from the breathtaking Arena in a gorgeous historic building dating back to the early 1900, our elegant 4-star boutique hotel will allow you to easily reach any point of interest in the city.

If you are looking for inspiration while planning your next trip to Verona, our blog posts will give you always original cues to guide you to the discovery of the most authentic and unconventional Verona. Let this incredible city cast its spell on you, you will definitely fall in love!


February 2022
5 things to do in Verona for a girls’ weekend

We often write about Verona as the city of love par excellence, but what better occasion than the International Women’s Day to discover it as the ideal city for a…

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January 2022
Verona and its Poets: not only Shakespeare

Valerio Catullo “Amami quando meno lo merito, perché sarà quando più ne avrò bisogno.” (lit. Love me when I least deserve it, because it will be when I need it…

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December 2021
Christmas Markets in Verona: all you need to know

Visiting Verona during Christmas time it’s like being in a fairytale, as in this special time of the year the atmosphere of the city becomes – if possible! – even…

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October 2021
3 curiosities and legends about Verona worth knowing

The bomb that hit Piazza Erbe Piazza Erbe is one of the most beautiful places in Verona and you will often walk across it during your stay in the city.…

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October 2021
Discovering Valpolicella, among vineyards and wineries

When our guests want to get away from Verona and discover the surrounding area, what we usually suggest is an itinerary in Valpolicella: an incredibly beautiful, hilly area that extends…

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July 2021
Lake Garda: the most romantic spots you can’t miss

One of the reasons why we love Lake Garda so much, it’s because it’s an extremely romantic location. In today’s article, we will walk you through the most iconic spots,…

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June 2021
Verona and the Opera: a love Story at the Arena

As you might have noticed from the article about our concept We stand for Lovers: the Origins of our Concept, at the Hotel Indigo Verona we have a thing for…

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May 2021
Verona’s Gates: a historical itinerary

The city gates are one of Verona’s most important historical testimonies. Verona is an excellent example of a walled city that went through several phases of fortification, a characteristic common…

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April 2021
We stand for Lovers: the Origins of our Concept

We stand for lovers: our motto, our belief. We love beauty in all its forms. At the Hotel Indigo Verona – Grand Hotel des Arts we are all about celebrating…

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April 2021
The 10 most instagrammable places in Verona

In today’s article we will walk you through a unique itinerary dedicated to Verona’s 10 most photogenic – aka instagrammable – places. Juliet’s balcony As mentioned in our article Shakespeare’s…

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