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The most beautiful theaters in Verona: culture, history and entertainment

The most beautiful theaters in Verona: culture, history and entertainment

March 2023

On the occasion of the World Theater Day, which occurs on March 27, we could not but dedicate an article to the most beautiful and famous theaters in Verona. Our city can boast a remarkable number of theaters, which stand out not only as ideal places for gathering and entertainment, but also as part of the city’s historical and cultural heritage.

Which are the most beautiful theaters in Verona? Keep reading to find out.

Philharmonic Theater

The Philharmonic Theater is the main opera house in Verona and is home to the winter opera season promoted by the Arena di Verona Foundation.

It was the Marquis Scipione Maffei, at the beginning of the eighteenth century, who presented to the Venetian Senate the request to build the theater. The works began in 1716 and lasted 13 years under the supervision of Francesco Galli di Bibbiena, the most appreciated theater architect of the time. The Philharmonic Theater has an “Italian-style” structure, characterized by vast stalls and rows of superimposed boxes.

Teatro Nuovo

This is the second largest opera house in Verona and in the Veneto region, as well as one of the main Italian theaters. Nowadays it is mainly used for prose performances.

The Teatro Nuovo was opened on 12 September 1846 and the first opera it hosted was Giuseppe Verdi’s “Attila”. Troubled decades where the theater closed and reopened several times followed.

At the end of the Second World War the building was in very bad conditions and was closed again. Thanks to a major as much as necessary renovation that ended in 1949, the theater reopened its doors hosting mostly prose performances and cultural events.

In the 2000s the Teatro Nuovo finally became the seat of the Teatro Stabile di Verona.

Roman Theater

The Roman Theater boasts of being the oldest building in Verona: its construction dates back to the 1st century BC. It was built on a hill – Colle San Pietro – to take advantage of its natural slope.

It is undoubtedly one of the best-preserved theaters in Northern Italy and for this reason it is part of the itinerary of the Archaeological Museum of Verona. In the summer it hosts the Veronese Summer Theater, a series of well-known events such as the Shakespearean Festival and the Verona Jazz Festival.

Teatro Camploy

Elegance and functionality are the hallmarks of the Camploy Theatre, a space of notable architectural modernity housed in a typical 19th century building.

We owe the architect Rinaldo Olivieri the completion of the project that took 16 years, from 1982 to 1998.

The Camploy theater annually hosts the highly appreciated theater programs of the Altro Teatro, La Città del Jazz, Verona Passione Teatro and Professione Spettacolo Verona.

Teatro Ristori

In 1837 the doors of this theater opened to the public for the first time, but it was only in 1856 that it was named Teatro Ristori, after Adelaide Ristori, the most popular Italian actress of the 19th century.

The Teatro Ristori has always been a multifaceted stage that welcomes shows of various genres: from opera to prose, from puppets to vaudeville. It was also the site of the first cinematographic screening in Verona. All this is made possible by a system of five mobile platforms that make the space multifunctional and adaptable to the most diverse needs.

Subject of a complex thirty-year restoration project that has preserved the original nineteenth-century appearance of the building and the hall, the Teatro Ristori reopened in 2012 confirming its reputation as a place of culture, entertainment and aggregation.

The city of Verona is animated by a rich calendar of events and shows: visit the dedicated page to discover them all and start planning an unforgettable stay in the city of love!

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