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One-day itinerary between Verona and Valpolicella

One-day itinerary between Verona and Valpolicella

June 2024

Vineyards, hills, fine wine and food are some of the greatest assets that Verona and Valpolicella offer to their visitors.

In today’s article we suggest you a one-day itinerary in Valpolicella, including a special activity for guests staying at our hotel on specific dates of summer 2024.

San Giorgio di Valpolicella

As mentioned in the article dedicated to the most beautiful villages in the Verona area, San Giorgio di Valpolicella just can’t be missed.

It is a wonderful stone village surrounded by olive trees and vineyards. It is indeed included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy. One of the most interesting attractions is the Pieve di San Giorgio, an ancient Romanesque church dating back to 712 AD, the era of the Lombard king Liutprando. The building still charms its visitors with fourteenth-century frescoes, valuable treasures and a picturesque cloister.

Fun fact: San Giorgio di Valpolicella is also known as San Giorgio Ingannapoltron (from Venetian dialect, lit. the one who tricks the lazy), because the walk uphill to get there is more challenging than it looks!

Giardino di Pojega and Villa Rizzardi

Moving towards the Negrar area, it’s highly recommended to stop at Villa Rizzardi and the Pojega Garden, especially on a sunny day.

The villa was built in the 18th century by the Rizzardi counts, an aristocratic family from Verona. It is an example of Venetian villa: a country residence that both had agricultural and representative functions.

The Pojega garden, annexed to the villa, was created at the end of the 18th century at the behest of Count Antonio Rizzardi. It was designed by architect Luigi Trezza, who combined elements of the Italian garden with romantic and landscape influences.

One of the main attractions of the garden is the Teatro di Verzura, an open-air theater made entirely of hornbeam hedges. This space is used for theatrical performances and musical events. There are also plenty of suggestive alleys, fountains and a romantic wood.

giardino di pojega


The Roman Villa in Negrar

In the Negrar area you can also see the remains of a Roman villa found right under the famous vineyards. It appears to be a rustic villa from the middle imperial age (3rd century AD), built for both residential and commercial purposes. All rooms have a splendid flooring decorated with mosaics that gave the villa the nickname of “Villa of Mosaics”.

Some archeological works are still in progress and visits are not always possible, but our staff will be happy to support you in planning your visit.

Wine tasting

A day in Valpolicella cannot be over without a tasting of the area’s wine excellences. We suggest you include in your itinerary a stop at the Farina Winery, in Pedemonte, or take advantage of the free tastings that Hotel Indigo Verona, in collaboration with Farina Wines, will exceptionally offer to its guests during the summer.

The next tastings are July 12th and August 30th, from 5.30pm to 7.30pm: the perfect chance to get to know the brand before visiting the winery in person, or the ideal ending to your day in Valpolicella.

azienda vinicola farina

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